Our mission is to reduce health inequities through innovative research that supports social change.

Our focus

Where we live impacts how we live. Access to suitable housing, nutritious food, clean water, safe recreation and supportive social networks affect our health and our ability to benefit from health care. In cities, these resources are often distributed unequally across communities.

Canadians who are poor and socially marginalized have worse health and die earlier than people in more stable situations. Low-income groups also face more barriers in accessing health services, despite Canada’s commitment to providing universal health care coverage.

This “social gradient” in health is evident in countries around the world. At every level of income, economic and social inequalities are mirrored by health inequities.

We conduct research to better understand the linkages between poverty, social exclusion and poor health. And we evaluate “what works” to improve health outcomes for inner city populations.

We launched our new Survey Research Unit (SRU) in July 2009 to consolidate, mobilize, and expand CRICH’s considerable survey research capabilities and expertise. The SRU’s mission is to provide high-quality and efficient research services to the health and social sciences research community.

Our approach

CRICH research is genuinely transdisciplinary. Our strengths include clinical epidemiology, health economics, ethics, geography and GIS mapping techniques, health services research, medicine, population health, psychology, psychiatry, knowledge translation and social epidemiology.

An important priority at CRICH is “interventions research.” Many research studies have measured the problem of health inequities. However, less scientific attention has been paid to solutions. Our team focuses on assessing “what works” to help turn proximity into accessibility, and improve health and social services in our cities.

We work in partnerships with non-researchers to produce evidence that can be used in practice. We collaborate with diverse policy sectors, including housing, transit, education, corrections and community and social services.

Our centre

CRICH is part of the Keenan Research Centre in the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael’s Hospital.