About us

Centre for Urban Health Solutions (C-UHS)

The Centre for Urban Health Solutions (formerly the Centre for Research on Inner City Health) was established at St. Michael’s Hospital in 1998, and is known internationally for its work to explore the impacts of programs, policies and systems on health and wellbeing in cities.

Currently, the Centre is focused on developing, evaluating and scaling-up programs and policies to address the social determinants of health and improve people’s lives. It works closely with clinical programs at St. Michael’s to enhance connections between research and patient care. It also collaborates with community agencies, communities and decision-makers at local and national levels.

Examples of the Centre’s solutions-oriented research projects include an intervention to provide access to prescription medications for patients who cannot afford them, and an interactive training program for health care providers to reduce bias and improve cultural safety in the care of Indigenous people.

In 2016, the Centre grew to include additional scientists and research staff, contributing to its wide ranging and interdisciplinary expertise. This growth has deepened the centre’s capacity in areas such as primary care interventions for addressing the social determinants of health, preventing HIV infection and improving care for people living with HIV, and workplace health and precarious work.

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