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St. Michael’s Annual Report 2015

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St. Michael’s Strategic Plan 2015-18

The St. Michael’s 2015-18 Strategic Plan is the culmination of an extensive planning process that included in-depth consultation with our friends and partners – you! –and motivated by our new vision of world leadership in urban health.

Read more about our future direction and watch our leaders talk about St. Michael's new vision.


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St. Michael's Hospital Foundation Annual Report

Once again, our donors have demonstrated their remarkable commitment to the mission of St. Michael’s. This year has seen important contributions from Peter Gilgan and Element Financial, among others. Our skilled teams certainly could not achieve all they do without you.

View the 2014-15 St. Michael's Hospital Foundation Report to Donors

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Image of Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan 2014 - 2019

Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan 2014 - 2019

The 2014-2019 Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan brings together the best ideas on how to position St. Michael’s Hospital to meet the challenge of conserving energy while managing its demand over the next five years.

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