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Infrastructure renewal projects

St. Michael’s Hospital flooring replacements

New rubber flooring in the Upper Marketeria
New rubber flooring in the Upper Marketeria

Date: Ongoing

Details: St. Michael’s has been replacing the flooring in all wings of the hospital on an ongoing basis. Old flooring throughout the hospital (often carpet or linoleum) can be found damaged or outdated, and can pose an infection control risk. From a health and safety perspective, the new standard rubber floors are very safe and contribute to high indoor air quality. They are easy to clean, provide a sleek finish and have a warranty of 10 years but their lifespans tend to be much longer.

Further, the material is environmentally friendly. Primarily, the rubber is harvested without harming the trees which they come from, the flooring is manufactured without producing any toxic gases, and the floors are recyclable after their useful life making it overall environmentally friendly.