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St. Michael's 125th


Moving the dial on poverty and health

In 1996, Dr. Stephen Hwang joined St. Michael’s Hospital as its first researcher on inner city health, driven by a commitment to care for the least among us: I knew that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of people who might not otherwise have access to care if I weren’t there to provide it.” Read more

From Pietrasanta to Toronto

In 1997, as the statue of St. Michael the Archangel was about to be moved to the Cardinal Carter lobby, movers found the words “Daprato Statuary C. Chicago. New York. Pietrasanta, Italy” inscribed onto the stonework on the back of the base. The discovery added to the questions already surrounding the statue. Read more

Donating time

In April 1920, a group of 65 women, who had volunteered with the Red Cross in World War I, came together to form the Women’s Auxiliary to St. Michael’s Hospital. The precursor to both the current volunteer program and the hospital foundation, they began by producing linens – everything from sheets to clothes and drapes – all the while raising funds for the hospital. Read more

A quarter century of inspired fundraising

Alayne Metrick, president of the St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation, sits in silence for a moment when asked what she’d consider the biggest fundraising moment in her time with the foundation. “Oh boy, there’s a lot of them…” And there are. Read more

Brief history of medical laboratories at St. Michael’s Hospital

There’s one discipline that interacts with each inpatient and nearly every outpatient at St. Michael’s – the medical laboratories. Balancing research, teaching and clinical testing – more than six million tests in 2015 – the medical laboratories provide a vital service to the hospital and the patients we care for. Read more

Then and now: Tower site was once home to Toronto’s first black church

Did you know that the northeast corner of Queen and Victoria Streets, the site of St. Michael’s new Peter Gilgan Patient Care Tower, was once the site of Toronto’s first black church? Read more

Ghost of Sister Vinnie a soothing sight

Long after her death, some patients and staff say Sister Vincenza is still doing her rounds and comforting patients on the 7th floor of St. Michael's Cardinal Carter wing. Read more